Whole Wheat Pasta

I am a huge pasta lover and have always wanted to make some myself; glad I finally did! Once I cut the dough into pieces and dropped it into the water, I was convinced that this attempt at making pasta was a fail. But to my surprise, it came out perfect!!

* I don’t have a machine pasta roller at the moment so I rolled out the dough and cut it myself, but after kneading the dough, you can place the pasta into a pasta machine or kitchenaid attachment to cut and then continue onto the steps to cook.

2 3/4 cups whole wheat flour
3 eggs
pinch salt
approx. 1 cup water

1. Place flour into the bowl of your stand mixer. Create a well. Add eggs and salt and gradually add water. Using paddle attachment, mix together until combined. (If not using a stand mixer, create a well of the dough on flat table surface, place in eggs and salt and mix together with a fork, until a ball forms and kneed dough by hand.)
2. Continue mixing until a ball forms. (Add more flour if dough is too wet)
3. Switch to dough hook and knead dough for 5-6 minutes. Cover mixing bowl with kitchen towel and allow dough to rest for at least 30 minutes.
4. Cut ball of dough into 4 equal portions. On a floured surface, take one portion of the dough and roll out thin with rolling pin.
5. Roll up dough into a jelly roll, and cut into small sections, using a sharp knife. Unravel cut dough, and it should form thin pieces of linguine. OR you can keep dough flat on surface and cut out the long strips using a sharp knife or a pizza cutter. (I tried both ways and found both to work well.) Set pieces aside.
6. Repeat process with 3 remaining dough portions.
7. TO COOK: Boil a pot of water with a pinch of sale. Place pasta in pot for approx 5-7 minutes. Pasta is finished when floating on top of the water.


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